December 3, 2012.

Rika, my first rottweiler was put to sleep.

She was nine years and nine months old when I decided that the only thing I could do for her was letting her go.
I was so sad that I came to the conclusion that it would be better if I had another dog at home.
So I started looking for rottweilers in the shelter on the internet. Preferably I wanted a young dog.
First I made an appointment with an organization who were looking for a home for a nice rottweiler from France. But coincidentally, just after I made the appointment, I saw Quincy online.
She was in a shelter across the border, not far from here.
I did not expect to expect too much from our first meeting, because her ad said she was an insecure dog.
She had a lot of stress with the previous owners at the arrival of the baby and she needed an owner who could offer her a clear structure, but would treat her with a gentle hand.
So in other words, there was a bit of work to do.
I will never forget the day that we met. In the shelter they told me that it had taken two weeks before she wanted to accept sweets from the volunteers. It was a dog who did not like being in the shelter.
She was insecure and she was given up to the shelter because she had growled a few times to the lady of the house with the baby, showing her teeth.
Furthermore, she was also together with another dog, and that didn’t go very well.
The previous owners had been to the breeder and they had said that they had to deal with her much harder.
I took the papers that the previous owners had filled in with an employee from the shelter.
The employee of the shelter told me that the owner had come to bring her in tears.
I became more and more curious.
And finally it was so far, another employee left to get Quincy out of her kennel. Based on what I had heard, I expected a reserved, somewhat frightened dog.
But what a surprise when they let her off the line, she immediately came to me, very enthusiastic.After our first walk the volunteers from the shelter came to tell us that they had no more sticks in her kennel. She stood there to make the courtyard noise: barking, whining, walking from one side to the other side, scratching her leg against the glass, not releasing her gaze from me … and I was also sold, from the very first time!