Accept or reject candy on command

Purpose: To teach the dog to accept or refuse a candy on command. Offer a candy and click and reward just when the dog wants to accept the candy. Because this behavior is likely to become almost immediately predictable, you introduce the command “Take it” while you indicate the candy. Click the moment the dog touches the candy to get it.

Now offer a candy in a slightly closed fist. Do not let the dog take the candy. The dog will probably try to nibble, lick, or push his nose against your hand. As soon as he stops, click, say “Get it” and give it a candy
Continue until the dog is quietly waiting each time a candy is offered.
Now introduce the command “not” while you take a candy in your closed fist. Wait a minute, click and say “Take it” and give it candy.
Open your hand a bit further, always followed by ‘Not’ and after waiting you click again, say “Get it” and give it a candy.
In a next step you stop clicking. The “Get it” command now replaces the click and stops the behavior (waiting)

If your dog understands this “Not” method, you can expand your repertoire by throwing variations such as the candy on the floor (so you can get up quickly with your foot if needed)