Learning new tricks

An activity that increases the creativity of your dog is the “new trick” game. It is a popular game in clicker training, because it teaches your dog to think independently and come up with his own ideas about which behavior deserves a reward. The starting point is simple: click and reward for a new behavior offered by your dog, and ignore an already offered behavior.
Start simple. The slightest new behavior can be a treat. For example, place a box next to your dog. Give each time the command “new trick” and click and reward your dog for looking at the box, touching it with a leg, touching it with its nose, walking around it, for just about any vague interaction with the box. But never reward the same action twice. So the first time your dog touches the box with his nose this deserves a reward, but not the second time. Once your dog has mastered the game, you can extend it to other behaviors. Soon your dog will go through your entire repertoire of tricks and come up with new behaviors to earn the treat for creative thinking.