Play hide and seek

You can play this with two people or with just one person.
If you are alone, give your dog the ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ command. Show your dog that you have the favorite toy of him or a candy. In the meantime you are going to hide yourself somewhere. First choose a shelter that the dog can easily find. Then call the command “find”. You do not have to move until the dog touches you when you find it. If the dog has found you, you reward with the toy or a candy.
If you are two, then one of you will hide, after he has first shown that he has the favorite toy of the dog or a candy. Encourage your dog to find the person who can give the toy or candy as a reward and use the command “find”. After a while you can make the game more difficult: lead your dog while the other player is hiding, use different shelters, move or throw a blanket or tarpaulin over you.