The cup game

Have your dog sit, and show him that you are hiding a piece of his chunks under a cup on the floor. Tell him to take “it”, and if he smashes the cup with his nose or snout, let him eat the chunks that are under the cup.
If your dog has mastered this well, he is ready for the cup game. Rub chunks on your fingers and along the inside of the three mugs arranged in a row so that the smell of the chunks is everywhere. It is a visual game and we do not want the guy to deceive us with his talented nose! Show him that you are going to hide a piece of the pieces under one of the mugs. Tell him to grab “it” and give him the pieces if he makes the right choice, no matter how long it takes and no matter how many mistakes he makes. Do this many times, always hiding chunks under each of the three mugs, one at a time.
If he is good at this step, slide the cup under which the kibbles lie to another place and give the command to grab it again. This is pretty heavy, and not all dogs can do this. If your dog has mastered the sliding of the cup, try to change two cups with each other by sliding them.
Note: this game is particularly challenging, so go step by step and do not rush anything.