Treasure hunt

Let your dog use his nose to find a hidden treasure. This is a fantastic way to stimulate his brain and to teach him to use all his senses.
To begin with, you will ensure a set-up aimed at success so that your dog understands the game and does not get discouraged. So start with something simple. Put your dog in sit and give the command stay. In the meantime you hide a candy or a favorite toy in an easy place. Your dog may even see that you are hiding something. Then you give the verbal command to search for the toy or candy. Reward your dog extensively if he has found the hidden treasure.
As soon as your dog understands the game, you can increase the difficulty level.

Hide the candy or toys in a different room or place where other odors mask the candy or toys, such as the bottom of a laundry basket or under a food plate.

You can also make the game very difficult by using cardboard boxes. Place 10-20 cardboard boxes of different sizes on the ground. Without your dog seeing it, you hide the treasure in one of the boxes. Have your dog examine all the boxes and give him a super reward if he identifies the right box.