Remove sweets from the grass

Take a handful of small but strong smelling candies and hold them right in front of your dog’s nose. If you have the attention of your dog, you drop the sweets in the grass. Do not help your dog by pointing out the sweets, but let him use his nose to find the reward. If your dog does not find all the sweets that is not so bad. From the moment your dog realizes that there are interesting things to eat in the grass, you start to throw the sweets a bit further apart. Make the game more difficult after your dog is familiar with it.
Here you can now link a command, for example the command “search”. You give this command the moment you let go of your dog to find the sweets in the grass. From the moment your dog associates the command “search” with the game of sweets in the grass, you can also use it in other ways. For example, you can hide sweets in the lawn while your dog is waiting inside, after which you give him the command “search”, so the dog knows that there will be a game where he has to find sweets in the grass.